Due to COVID restrictions, the capacity of the room for our class is not high enough to contain the entire class at once. Because of this, each student will attend class in person only once per week. For the other class , students will attend online through .

Students should sign in to Microsoft Teams using their MBU credentials. Before class on Monday, you will be added as a member of a team (group) for this class. The team is called "MATH Probability and Statistics." Every lecture will be broadcast live through Teams, and students who are not attending in person must attend through Teams. Attendence will be recorded. Recordings of the lectures will also be made available in case of technical difficulties. You can access recordings of the lectures by following the instructions .

Meetings in Microsoft Teams can be joined by going to . You obviously will not attend the Teams meeting when you are attending in class.

Please attend class in person according to the following rules:

On , when you are not attending in person, you must attend through Microsoft Teams.

You do not have to keep your camera on unless you want to. I found I am not able to keep track of watching who is there while also lecturing (your attendance is recorded by Teams anyway). If you do have your camera on, please be properly dressed.

Due to the difficulty of watching the Teams chat or listening to Teams audio while also teaching the lecture in a classroom with students, I may not be able to take live questions from students watching online. If you have a question, you should mark the place in your notes and ask after class. You can ask in the on Canvas, through Canvas inbox, through email, or in person in my office.

I am aware that meeting only part of the class in person at a time is not ideal. We are all doing our best to get as close to a normal classroom experience as we can while still following CDC guidelines.