Dr. Jason Vermette, Associate Professor of Mathematics
University of Delaware, Ph.D. in Mathematics, 2015
University of Tulsa, M.S. in Applied Mathematics, 2010
Oral Roberts University, B.S. in Mathematics, 2008

Your instructor in this course is named Jason Vermette. The last "e" in Vermette is silent. Vermette rhymes with Corvette. Ok, it's one of those weak rhymes where only the last syllable matches, but you get the idea. I just wanted to make you associate my name with a cool car.

You can call me Dr. Vermette, or Dr. V if you prefer. This is my year teaching at MBU. Before that, I got my Ph.D. in Mathematics at the University of Delaware. My work was primarily in Algebraic Combinatorics. Before that, I got my M.S. in Applied Mathematics at the University of Tulsa and my B.S. in Mathematics at Oral Roberts University, which is also in Tulsa.

I grew up mostly in Texas, with a few years in the middle in Oklahoma. I met my wife in college and got married the week after I graduated. We've since had four sons: Lucas, Finley, Sebastian, and Eli, ages . The kids take up pretty much all of our time. It's a lot of fun, but very exhausting.

I used to play guitar a lot and a few other instruments a little. I don't find much time for it anymore, but I still enjoy music.

I'm not so great with talking about myself, so let's leave it at that for now.

My contact information is below. Please feel free to come by my office any time if you have questions. I should always be there during office hours, but if you see me there at another time you're welcome to come in. At other times, the best way to contact me is through email or . During the week you should get an answer within 24 hours, and I also answer emails at least once during the weekend. Please consider asking your questions in the . If you have a question about something, it is likely that someone else has the same question.

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