Before taking the exam, go to and read the instructions.

You will have minutes to complete the exam.

You should complete the exam on sheets of paper:
Page 1: Blank page with your name in the top left corner.
Page 2: All parts of Problem 1.
Page 3: All parts of Problem 2.
Page 4: All parts of Problem 3.
Page 5: All parts of Problem 4.
Page 6: All parts of Problem 5.
The problems in the exam will be labeled so that you know what page to put them on. As usual, all pages should be in a single pdf file.

When you are done, close the exam by clicking "Submit Quiz" at the bottom. Then upload your exam to the " Upload" assignment. You must upload your exam within 10 minutes of closing this LockDown exam assignment. Your exam is due 10 minutes after you close this LockDown exam assignment.