Before taking the exam, go to and read the instructions.

You will complete the exam by accessing the " (exam time)" assignment in LockDown browser. You can find the exam on the . Be sure to start your exam at least minutes before it is due so that you have the full time to complete it.

You should complete the exam on sheets of paper:
Page 1: Blank page with your name in the top left corner.
Page 2: All parts of Problem 1.
Page 3: All parts of Problem 2.
Page 4: All parts of Problem 3.
Page 5: All parts of Problem 4.
Page 6: All parts of Problem 5.
The problems in the exam will be labeled so that you know what page to put them on. As usual, all pages should be in a single pdf file.

Upload your exam to the this assignment when you are done. You must upload your exam within 10 minutes of closing the LockDown exam assignment. Your exam is due 10 minutes after you close the LockDown exam assignment.