Turning in Homework on Canvas

Homework will be turned in by uploading a pdf document to the Canvas assignments. You have several options for how to get your work into pdf form:

  1. Prepare your homework on paper by hand and "scan" it using an app on your smartphone. This is the most common method, and is likely the easiest option if you have a smartphone. Using Google (or another search engine) you can find dozens of apps for both iPhone and Android to do this. If you also have the "Canvas Student" app, many of these allow you to scan and upload directly to Canvas using the "share" option.
    Android Examples: iPhone Examples: Do not pay for any app for the purposes of my class. There are plenty of free options.
  2. Prepare your homework on paper by hand and scan it using a physical scanner or printer. This has the advantage of being relatively easy (most scanners come with nice instructions for how to use them to do this), but many people do not own a scanner.
  3. Type your homework on a computer and print it as a pdf. It can be time consuming to typeset math until you get used to it, so most people do not use this option.
    Some computers come with the ability to print documents as a PDF (for example, here are ). If yours does not, there are dozens of free "Print to PDF" programs out there. One is for Windows. Feel free to use (or whatever search engine you like) to find another if you wish.
  4. Prepare your homework on paper by hand and find any other method of getting it onto a computer or phone as a pdf.

Regardless of how you get your homework into pdf form, you should always:

  1. Combine all pages of a given assignment into a single pdf file. The scanning apps mentioned above can do this fairly easily (just do a search for "How do I scan multiple pages to a single pdf using..." or something similar). Alternately, you can use or a similar one to combine separate files into a single pdf. Do not upload a separate pdf file for each page.
  2. Be sure your problems are in the correct order.
  3. Be sure your pages are in the correct order.

To make sure everyone has read these instructions and is able to upload assignments, please complete the practice upload assignment (located in the or at the top of the page).