LockDown Browser:

  1. LockDown Browser can be downloaded from .
  2. Instructions for getting started and completing assignments in LockDown are .
  3. Two minute video introduction to LockDown .

How to study for your exam:

  1. Print the Exam Review from the .
  2. Watch the Exam Review video from the .

How to take your exam online:

Read carefully. Failure to follow these instructions can result in loss of points.

  1. Clear your workspace of everything except:
  2. Go to the " (start time)" assignment on Canvas at the time the exam. You can find it by going to the .
  3. The time listed in the name of the exam is the start time. Note that the "Due Date" listed on Canvas is the time when the exam is due, not the time when you should begin the exam. You should begin the exam by the time listed in the name of the exam.
  4. The exam will become available to open about 10 minutes before the exam start time. This is to allow for getting everything set up (LockDown, webcam, etc.). You may begin as soon as the exam becomes available.
  5. Follow the instructions to begin the exam in the LockDown browser with webcam active. Canvas should not let you begin if your webcam is not on, but if it does, do not take the exam without your camera active.
  6. View the problems within the " (start time)" assignment. Complete the problems on paper. You should complete the exam on sheets of paper: The exam is broken into pages in the same way that you should turn it in. Clearly label each problem and problem part. You do not need to copy the questions.
  7. You will have minutes to complete the exam. Please be sure to start your exam at least minutes before it is due so that you will have the full time to complete it. If you have not already completed the exam, the exam will close when your time is up.
  8. Close the " (start time)" assignment in LockDown by clicking "Submit Quiz" when you are done with the exam (or when your time runs out).
  9. Scan your exam using your phone or a scanner.
  10. Upload your exam pdf to the " Upload" assignment. You must upload your exam within 10 minutes of closing the " (start time)" assignment. Canvas records the time that you close the LockDown exam and the time you upload your scan. The scan is due 10 minutes after the LockDown exam is closed.
  11. Do not turn in your exam late. Late work may not be accepted (since you are not being proctored once the " (start time)" assignment is closed).
  12. If you have a scanning emergency and you cannot get your exam to submit, immediately take pictures of your exam and email them to me to prove your exam is complete. Then work on getting your assignment to scan and submit.
  13. Do not discuss problems on the exam with anyone until the exam has been graded and returned. Some students may be taking the exam at a different time than you.

Do not share your work or answers with anyone. Do not ask anyone for their work or answers. The penalty for sharing your work with someone else is the same as the penalty for copying: failure of the exam. Repeated offenses could result in failure of the course.