In the unlikely event that we end up having to switch to online only, our lectures and exams will take place online. This page explains how we would do that.

Online Lectures:

Lectures will be broadcast live on Microsoft Teams. We will meet on Microsoft Teams at our normal class time, where I will livestream the notes exactly as I normally share them to the projector screen in class. Instructions on how to join the livestream are below.
  1. Go to at class time.
  2. Log in with your school credentials.
  3. Click "MATH " in the list of teams on the left side navigation (it may already be selected if it's the only team that you are in).
  4. Click "Join" on the meeting. (If no meeting is running when you log in, make sure you are on the "Posts" tab. If it's still not there, wait a few minutes for me to start it.)
Once you are in the meeting, it will show you the same screen that I normally put on the projector in class. Teams tracks when each person joins and leaves the meeting. I will use that information to track attendance.

If anything doesn't work correctly, you can catch the recording later as usual. See for a reminder of the instructions on watching lecture recordings.

Online Exams:

Online exams will be taken on Canvas using the LockDown browser. You will need to have LockDown installed on a computer with a webcam before exam time. You will complete your exam on paper and scan and upload it to Canvas. See for detailed instructions on how to take my exams on Canvas.